platinum prince hwayana

Platinum Prince releases a new track called Hwayana. This song means a lot to all who know what recently happened to him. In a video on Youtube on Quonfuzed Official channel he made visuals of his pictures when he was injured. The other factor that brings curiosity to us is that in front of the title Hwayana, he put in brackets the term Regrets.


Platinum Prince must had thought he was going to die after the allegedly done abduction. This is our opinion as a Music Platform, hence he was asking God for forgiveness and begging Him to cease his pain. Get well soon Platinum Prince.


However, for the time being, we bring to you his track. Listen to the song below and download it. Very emotional though.


We guess in simple terms Platinum Prince has repented and no longer a Ndururani. This is a maybe, lol.



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