seh calaz 30 reggae album



Firstly, with great honor to our own artiste Seh Calaz, we wish him a happy 30th birthday as of the time of writing this post (02 August 2020). To make much impact on his special day, Tawanda AKA Seh Calaz decided to drop a ten (10) track album. This is strictly a reggae album. Most of the Zimdancehall followers are aware that the Mabhandity BossSeh Calaz” never disappoints his audience in this genre.

@30 Reggae Album is the name of the compilation that Seh Calaz surprisingly announced on his 30th birthday (02. Aug. 2020). @30 is his second album of this year, defying the odds of most artistes managing to release only one a year. The first album was released on the first day of the year 2020, thus 1 Jan 2020. However, the tracks on that album did not get a lot of traction, the album title Bholato Bholato did instead. Various big local recording labels worked with the Seh Calaz playing the roles of being cooks of instrumentals and producers of the tracks.

The plan Seh Calaz had was to hold a reggae concert featuring both local and international acts at the Harare Gardens on the 1st of August 2020 leading into the 2nd of August the day he was born. However Covid-19 came and those plans had to be shelved. Instead of just letting it be another day, he decided to do this Reggae Album project to celebrating another year added to his life together with his fans.


Each and every track on this album probably was intended to interact with the inner soul of any listener. The lyrics are deep and sound significant. The best narrator of this album would only be the audience’s ears. Oskid, Maselo, Lazzie T, Aya T, Kutso, Cymplex Music and Cashlibs made the sound communicate the message before the lyrics did. Enjoy!


@30 Reggae Album Tracklist:

  1. Seh Calaz – Achakubaya
  2. Seh Calaz – Dai Ndine Mari (Mhamha)
  3. Seh Calaz – Magumo
  4. Seh Calaz – Ndabvuma Changamire
  5. Seh Calaz – Ndinewe
  6. Seh Calaz – Ndinoshanda
  7. Seh Calaz – Ndokuti Baba
  8. Seh Calaz – Rudo Vaviri
  9. Seh Calaz – Rufu
  10. Seh Calaz – Wepamoyo

Bonus Track: Seh Calaz Ft. Ras Caleb – Goredema


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