watch seh calaz and van choga sign goodbye contract termination forms



In the video below, Seh Calaz cleared the air on the departure of Van Choga from Yala Nation Studios to embark on another route in his career. Also included on the recording is both parties, thus Van Choga and Yala Nation signing contract termination forms.

Now the issue is now getting more clearer. Van Choga left Yala Nation because of the dispute which engulfed when Yala Nation (Seh Calaz Music) put up his music on ITunes without his consent or without him knowing. This was an agreement written on the contract he had signed with Yala Nation in the beginning. Maybe he hadn’t read well.


In an interview with Power FM recently, Van Choga pointed that he was not able to understand what was written on the contract. When he came with an idea of giving other people at home to comprehend for him, the record label claimed the papers weren’t allowed to get out of the studio. This was a protocol.

Seh Calaz, who was in the car when the contract was being terminated around 20 metres from him looked worried. He was worried about the bad influence which Van Choga had got himself to. The Mabhanditi boss proclaimed that the ITunes account hadn’t earned much it had been new and that was the only digital store and account they had started controlling for him. Other accounts such as YouTube and social media handles were in Van Choga’s hands.


The other point that was raised is, Van Choga had to sign the contract termination forms in town why? Seh Calaz replied to the question claiming that the artiste was afraid of going to Mbare because he thought they would bully him. So, as a neutral venue, they went in town for his security. With all this being said, Van Choga didn’t understand the contract and went on to complain without having a clear view of his place as a person under a record label.

Truth be told, Van Choga owes an apology to Seh Calaz and his record label Yala Nation. Boss Kawara is said to be behind all this. Seh Calaz has also said that he forgives Van Choga because it is all because of bad influence. He also said that if he (Van Choga) by any means need help, Seh Calaz will be there to help.

Yala Nation still has open hands and their doors are open to take Van Choga back if he revokes his decision. Watch the video below by yourself and try to get the root cause as Shema Tv says haha. Enjoy!