seh calaz bholato bholato album

Seh Calaz has given his fans an album called Bholato Bholato to dance through the whole of 2020. This album consists of twelve mad tunes. Listen to Seh Calaz touching each and every aspect of life and download the full zip promo file of the album below:



  1. Seh Calaz – Bhanditi Vava
  2. Seh Calaz – Bholato Bholato
  3. Seh Calaz – Bholato Yangu
  4. Seh Calaz – Hupenyu Haufanane
  5. Seh Calaz – Kurepair
  6. Seh Calaz – Mhamha
  7. Seh Calaz – Nharo Nerudo
  8. Seh Calaz – Sasai
  9. Seh Calaz – Zvidhakwa
  10. Seh Calaz ft Hossiah Chipanga – Pamuchato wangu
  11. Seh Calaz ft Spuky B – Cheuka Cheuka
  12. Seh Calaz – Rimwe Gore


Listen to a sample of the album below with the title track “Bholato Bholato“: