van choga leaves yala nation and seh calaz music
van choga leaves yala nation and seh calaz music


After some clearly and dubious unmentioned disputes. Van Choga has decided to leave Yala Nation and work with other recording labels. Without any comment from him but a statement from Seh Calaz and Yala Nation, it is now clear that these two have split ways. Could there be a dispute? Yes!


The reason why it is suspicious that there is a dispute is, Lazzy T one of the producers on his recent album, Album Ra Van Choga spoke up. He was so angered with the move that Van Choga made and cited that it was influenced by a lot of proclaimed managers of his. We all know that Van Choga was Yala Nation bred and it does not make any sense to leave a recording label which uplifted him so soon.


On the same note, since Van Choga has not commented on why he has decided to embark on his own journey and depart from Yala nation, we can not judge. However, Lazzie T is not happy and wishes to sell or give freely the instrumental or riddim he recorded him on.

The instrumental / riddim he recorded him on is on his song titled Joza. Check it out! We are not sure if it is just an act of anger but he promised to commercialize it. Checkout the video on which Lazzie T was posing his statements below:



We all know that this happens with artistes especially when they get people’s attention. Ton mention a few, Blot, Silent Killer and some other were involved in such issues. It is not like Van Choga has reached his end, who knows? Only God knows!


Yesterday, Yala Nation posed a statement on their social media handles mentioning that they were no longer working with Van Choga. Read it below:



”Seh Calaz Music and Yalanation would today want to issue a public statement regarding Van Choga to the effect that Van Choga will no longer be working with Seh Calaz Music and Yalanation Studios with effect from today.

Van Choga has advised us that he now wants to pursue another direction with different people. We hold no reservations with his personal choice and thus accordingly we release him. We wish him the best in his journey.As Seh Calaz Music and Yalanation Studios, we are proud of the part we played since we started working with Van Choga around June 2019 to date. We have given our all in terms of support for his career to progress.

Seh Calaz’s goal has and will always remain giving young people an opportunity. He will continue to do so and any young person willing to work with our stable is welcome.”