video watch van choga apologises to seh calaz

Subsequent to the Yala Nation and Van Choga beef that has been brewing for some time now. Van Choga made an official apology on producer Lazzie T’s live facebook chat. Van Choga appeared as a guest on Lazzie T’s live chat and reached out to Seh Calaz and Yala Nation Studios. The artist gave a heartfelt apology where he cited his shortcomings and asked his fans for forgiveness.

Acting as a hype man for the apology on his Facebook live, Lazzie T brought substance to the gesture. He mentioned that it was God’s work that had inspired Van Choga to pay him a visit. The apology came off as a sign of maturity as Van Choga apologised to over 10 producers who helped him produce his recent album.

As most fans should know, Van Choga had an unsavoury relationship with the Yala Nation producers after a falling out about the album. He felt he had been given sub-standard material to work with and that the Yala Nation team had let him down.

Lazzie T has now come out as the Yala Nation representative and has broken bread with the antagonist who went on to speak about the production of Joza. A song featured on “Album Ra Van Choga”.

As the dust settles, everything now seems to be alright. Just another day in the dancehall community. What would it be without a little controversy and the competitive back and forth? The take-home is that Van Choga appreciates Seh Calaz and the work done for him by Yala Nation and their producers.

Watch the video below which captures the Van Choga apology to Seh Calaz and Yala Nation.