zimbabwean artistes are broke and dumb ray vines
Zimbabwean artistes are broke and dumb ray vines

Recently, on a live video with Boss Pumacol, Melusi Chiripowako fired shots at Zimbabwean artistes. Though he was mainly emphasizing the quick moves of ZimDancehall artistes, it was a direct diss to the Zimbabwean music industry as a whole. He posed a statement, “Hapana kana ane mari yakawanda pama Artistes kubva A-Z”.

As for us “Music Platform Zimbabwe”, we would debate with his statement the whole day. It is inarguable that Zimbabwe has some rich artistes too such as Jah Prayzah and Winky D. These two artistes have made waves in the music industry of Zimbabwe despite the fact that their fans always have strings attached.

Getting back to Ray Vines, without judging him but his actions, as a socialite with huge impact he should endorse our own musical talents and not disband them. Nevertheless, Ray Vines AKA Mukukuzvi once spoke sense. He said, “The reason why the Chillspot Recording or Ex-Chillspot Recording stars flopped is they wanted to swallow whilst they hadn’t chewed”.

What did he mean? He proclaimed that the reason for their success was because they had a community standard. When Bazooker, Boss Pumacol, Enzo Ishall, Hwinza and Uncle Epatan were still taking works communal, meaning “kuita ma Friday Lives and So On” in mbare, that’s what hyped them. Moreover, he said they had to remain communal not rushing the decision of building brands.

Mukukuzvi Boss was against the idea of separating and starting to sell music on digital stores citing that it was an early move. Taking a glance on the other side of the conversation. Boss Pumacol seemed to be content with the level he had reached as an artiste. He said, “It is part of the journey, he or they couldn’t stay or remain at the same level without selling their music and”.

However, we are not here to judge both parties, what is your take? Watch the video below: